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Hoo boy! Although that tornado warning was really frightening for me, thankfully nothing bad came of it. It could have been a lot worse. A lot, lot worse.

Save for one or two cameos, Lunaris hasn't been around for ten comics or so. It's time to drag him back into the limelight, kicking and screaming all the way! Well, actually ... That's not right. That's more what he does to US.

What a return it is! If you happen to own Full Metal Jacket or have rented it, play it alongside reading this comic for added fun.

We need to ask Gunnery Sergeant Hartman's actor to dress up as a Ragnarok Online Knight sometime. That would be awesome.

Lunaris has always had this sort of drill sergeanty way about him, but he's not all that mean. Not like he is here.

If you ever get the chance to meet ol' Lunny, he's actually a quite effervescent guy. That's not to say that you could stick him in a bath tub and he'd make a bubble bath, though. It's just that the whole drill sergeant thing is a part of his shticks!

The victim of his verbal abuse is 1337/\/\@57@|-| 5YK05\/\/O|2|DY. Which, translated from abuse of 1337speak, means Elite Master Psycho Swordy.

He's from Spinny's Everlasting Wanderers, where he's better known as Bob. His inclusion in this comic isn't meant to be a jab at Spinny or his work or anything, just a fun and random cameo!

Well, if you can call getting yelled at by Lunaris fun, that is ...

While we're on the subject of swordsmen and knights, I could never tell if RO Knights wear plate mail, chain mail, splint mail or some kinda weird hybrid.

My best guess from what I've seen of the concept art is that Knights—male knights at least—wear stiff leather as an underlayer, then put a shirt of scale mail over that, then wear bits and pieces of plate over that.

Not too far off from what a real knight would wear, I think. Didn't they have multiple layers of armor they wore under their plate mail?

I think it's the same for female Knights, although they lack all that leg armor. They wear absolutely nothing to protect their thighs! Clearly it's because they have legs of steel! They can kick through an iron door and laugh off the pain!

... Well, wait, they wear armored boots and greaves, so that kind of deflates my point ...

Bah! It's my story and I'm sticking to it!

That's all the time I have to ramble for today.

Now I gotta do physical training with Lunaris. FOK!

Comic #101

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