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I've finally got my hands on Myung-Jin Lee's graphic novels! At times, it's hard to believe that Ragnarok Online is supposed to be based on this. There's very little reference to events and concepts to the manhwa in RO!

The graphic novel assassins (aside from Loki) are pure guesstimate when it comes to how they're colored. I could have it very, very wrong but I've never seen color pictures of either the master or the assassins in the graphic novel, save for Loki.

It kind of underscores how much RO is different from the original novels, though. Aside from blending in so many different cultural folklore sources that it looks more like Tales of Phantasia Online rather than Ragnarok, the design of stuff in general has changed. Assassins aren't the only ones who look different from their manhwa counterparts—the Pronteran soldiers are also different. Even the cities of Payon, Prontera, Morroc are different.

Well, it'd all make sense if RO really is happening 1,000 years after Ragnarok, but I don't know that for sure. However, it'd explain a lot of stuff ...

I was stuck between "Assassin's Guild, Then And Now" and "Dance Dance Zelse!" I picked the former since it's more about the differences than Zelse. Besides, it works like a callback to the "Then and Now" of a certain other guild!

Comic #102

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