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Okay, I'll admit it. This is kind of an ego comic.

I did one of these last year on this date to mark a year of playing Ragnarok Online. One year is mind boggling enough, but to know that two whole YEARS have gone by since I started hanging around the iRO community (specifically Prontera Parish, Merchant Guild and CoRM) is enough to fry my brain. Nowadays a year is llike an eternity on the internet, and yet time still goes by so fast that before you know it, hours, days, weeks and months slip by.

It's a really crazy thing, time!

Anyway, yes, that's right, for a whole month I'm back in Ragnarok Online. I'll be checking out Juno on Sakray and hanging with what few CoRMers can be found in-game. If you want to find me though, I'll most likely be on the Chaos server as "Aragan."

And yes, these are real in-game screenshots ... sorta. Second one is edited, of course.

Now it's time to terrorize the populace of iRO once more! >:D

Comic #103

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