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I think I said before that I don't really remember people's birthdays well. I have to constantly be reminded of them or else I'll forget, because my mind is like a sieve when it comes to dates such as this.

Regardless of that, I do try to do birthday comics for the RW cast when I can, so I scrambled to make one for Tristan once I'd been informed that his birthday was right around the corner. Just like I did for Sniff, Saint Damien, and Nth Power! In each case I got notified of their birthday in advance. Or at least advance enough to get a comic done.

That was the case here, though I don't think Tristan ever really said what his birthday was to me before.

Then again, I probably forgot that he did! :D

I should point out here though, that in real life, Tristan and Tristar Aileron are both characters played by the same person, much like how the characters El Blargo and Talien are characters played by the same person.

Put in that light, Tristan didn't lose his cake to Tristar, he still got it!

Mind warping, isn't it?

tristar aileron ;_;

Comic #107

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