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This is by far the largest RW comic ever, sitting at 13 panels (hope that's not bad luck!).

That bit up there, the title, is not me being egostic! It's a knowing refrence to Nth Power's very first character in Ragnarok Online, a female merchant named 100k (Hundred Grand). He played a she in RO by mistake, accidentally picking "female" instead of male, and suffice to say, had a tormenting experience for the duration of his womanhood.

100k appears at the very end of this comic too—I just had to throw her in as a gag! I mean, it's 100 comics! I had to!

People may not recognize it, but Novvy's face was superimposed on Animal Mother from Full Metal Jacket ... a very fitting person to Novvy-ize. If you look closely, you may see that I modified the helmet to say "LEET!!" In actuality, Animal Mother's helmet says "I AM BECOME DEATH." So Novvy's is saying "I AM BECOME LEET!!"

Just so long as he doesn't morph into a Leet from Anarchy Online!

For anyone who hasn't read the Ragnarok graphic novels, Sniff is acting exactly like Sukrai/Sakray from Volume 2. And yes, that's Gut Funk he's chasing.

And there's Kawaii-chan doing what she does best, eating porings. You just have never seen her do it before since the first and only time she did it was off-screen. Maybe this time she'll manage to eat the poring without it exploding?

Lunaris's ranting antics here were influenced by a tidbit I picked up from a friend who's a fan of the Illuminatus Trilogy and references it a lot in his own works; namely, the phrase "IF YOU CAN'T SEE THE FNORD IT CAN'T EAT YOU. DON'T SEE THE FNORD."

Don't worry, Lunaris! Kawaii-chan will make sure you can't see the poring!

Check out Corigan in that pic. Heh heh. Cobwebs. He will alt tab to the end of days!

This scene here, with Nth in the Broadway bit, was in my head ever since the Clicky Pens comic. I just never found a reason to put it in ... but now I have! Har har har! Poor Lenz. ;0;!

You know, I wonder why I don't use Sun Wukong more often in the comics, much less have him in the RW cast list. He's one of the guys who first starred in RW, alongside me. Furthermore, I wonder if Dareon is still reading these, since it's his character and all. After he vanished from the Parish I never saw any sign of him again, though he did seem to like RW a lot during its baby days!

I wonder what flak I'll catch from this bit referring to War of Emperium. From what I've seen in the ROLJ, though, the guilds in iRO seem to not be elitist at a first glance, though they often talk about "the powers" (castle-holding guilds) of a city, as if there was some sort of divine right. iRO's culture sure has changed a lot since I last played, that's for sure.

If you found this shot with Maginator hilarious, thank Nth. When I ran this by him, he had the idea of bringing ol' Magie back for a movie spoof—with the addition of a certain water cooler!

ANOTHER NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS! This is Kurushimi's character in RO, and he too is a member of the Crusaders of Rune-Midgard. He's been the IRC channel's doorstop for a lot longer, though! Good guy, really random humor, though it's hard to tell when he's angry and when he's kidding around because of how random he is.

Originally, I had the intention of adding people who have begged me nonstop for cameos since the end of time, but at this point I was completely drained and unwilling to do any more serious drawing and coloring. So instead I featured this panel with the crowd in the background (which would have been there anyway). To all the cameo hunters: You're in that crowd somewhere! Probably as a blob of silly putty!

Aww, doesn't Zelse look adorable? He ought to make plushies of himself and sell it as merchandise. ;o;

Fun fact! The last thing I drew for this comic was the appearance of Hundred Grand in the final panel. Kind of serendipitious if you think about it... SHE IS THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA!! THE OMEGA-7 OIL! FOK

Comic #108

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