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This comic idea came when rumors and early versions of status effects were being developed for Ragnarok Online; the one status effect which makes you think you're taking more damage than you are—"Chaos," I think that's the one—was originally called "Confusion" and was meant to make all monsters, NPCs and players look like porings to you.

That would have been a real mindscrew! In some ways I wish they went ahead with the idea, but in other ways I am really, really glad they didn't. As this comic demonstrates!

Of course, when we all heard about the original Confusion status effect, we immediately thought of Lunaris. His "porings are aliens and must be destroyed" gag has never been abused thoroughly until now; I think up until this point, the only reference to it was in the first Thanksgiving comic I did over a year ago.

I guess it's a good thing I waited until like ... a year plus to do the comic idea! My drawing skills have leveled up from "terrible" to "not quite as terrible!"

By the way, that's Brionac that Lunaris is brandishing. Lunaris likes spears more than swords.

Lunaris looks a lot like the default male Knight from Myung-Jin Lee's concept artwork; there's even a "Ragnarok Online chibis" set of super-deformed character art involving various classes, with default male Knight shown equipped with a helm and spear.

The only problem is, the spear that the default male Knight is shown wielding isn't in the game at all; I opted to use Brionac instead.

Now, I may be just an Acolyte, and Tristan might be a walking tank, but I know how to get back at him for trying to bear-hug me for protection a while back. It involves an industrial-strength vice grip, you see ...

Comic #116

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