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... And now it's on to Part 2 of the Birthday Bash!! miniseries!

I've not been much for putting a lot of plot into this comic, or even having comics with any real sort of continuity, mainly 'cause the ones I've seen that introduce plot tend to go from comedy to serious drama in the process—kind of like what's happened with Everlasting Wanderers since this time last year.

Not that there's anything wrong with that kind of transition, mind you—it's just not something I want in Ragnarok Wisdom, particularly because this comic straddles that weird hazy line between treating RO like a real world and a game at the same time—and jumping from that to "completely serious" feels off.

I figure, if I want to make a serious comic that treats Myung-Jin Lee's world like a real setting and not a game, I'll make a whole new comic for that purpose.

Meanwhile, we'll be over here busy with celebrating Zelse's birthday.

And Zelse will be busy flooding the world with his tears of joy!


Oooor ... we'll be busy sucking up all the water from his tears, and then some.

I'll be honest, though ... I was hoping to save this gag for an RW flash movie—I mean, the whole Zelse crying and flooding the planet bit—but with it being his birthday and having nothing else in mind, it seemed like the most fitting thing to do. Hope you enjoyed this present, Zelse!

I gotta give my props to Nth Power here, though. I bounced the idea I had for Zelse's birthday comic off of him, and he's the guy who suggested the last panel here; it's a much nicer punchline than what I had originally planned, which was just ... water. Endless, endless water.

Whew. Well, time to work on Part 3! Hopefully I won't explode before then. D:

Comic #118

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