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Well, it's not anyone's birthday today, but making this comic part of the miniseries works fine! Besides, it's Corigan. He's got some weird logic about things. Come to think of it ... I think this is the first time I've drawn Corigan outside of his statueqesue alt-tabbing pose. I er... tend to use the same "alt-tabbing" pose for him over and over and over. He alt-tabs all the time, after all. I think this may be the first time since his debut that he's actually said much, too.

Anyways, back in April when I was charting out what update days I'd have to contend with, someone told me Mother's Day was on the 9th of this month. That's Mother's Day for the U.S, by the way; I know that not every country in the world has the holiday (heh), and those that do don't always have it on the same day ... but I went by the U.S. date because that's the one iRO picked to honor with a quest.

I haven't repaid for my iRO account yet (it'd be futile since I'd never get to play, what with all the comics this month!), so I don't know what it was about. All I know (as of this writing) was that it had a quest where you had to talk to several NPCs and discover the love story behind Munak and Bongun. Completing the quest gave you a free tame for ... well, as of this writing I forgot which monster, but I think it was Bongun. Someone'll let me know soon enough!

Since I'm not around in iRO at the moment, I have no idea how their love story could relate to Mother's Day, unless it has something to do with betraying a mother's warning or something or ... yeah. I have no idea! Heh. Gotta hand it to iRO, they have lots of holiday quests found nowhere else!

Comic #119

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