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Okay, NOW we're celebrating someone's birthday! COMMENCE WITH THE BIRTHDAY BASH SPECIAL!

The cast of Ragnarok Wisdom are my friends as well as characters—they're what made the comic what it is, and this is probably one of the best ways I can come up with some sort of birthday present, given I don't have too much money on hand nor know where most of them live!

Anyways, this date marks Saint Damien's 19th birthday—and you can't have a birthday without a cake! *cough*

Man, that cake just keeps showing back up! It always looks exactly the same! Makes you wonder how Nth Power is pulling off such perfect replication.

Actually ... no, given this guy, I'm not sure I WANT to find out how he's pulling it off. It'll probably involve some kind of creepy cloning technique.

Or ... well, there's always the possibility that it's the same cake every time. I mean, no one's actually EATEN it yet.


You know, uh ... that's—that's an even more disturbing line of thought. I think I'll go back to speculating the cloning option.

This comic also has brought good old Novvy the Novice back into the cast—for now, that is! We haven't seen him enough in recent comics.


Hell, I don't think I've used him enough AT ALL. He's only made a few handful of appearances that I can name offhand compared to the other cast members.

He makes such great cannon fodder for stuff like this!

So now we have Novvy unwillingly becoming the Rocketeer—and this, you get an object lesson on why you never try any food items from Nth.

You never know what will happen!

Saint Damien is a wise man indeed.

Comic #120

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