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It's kind of funny! Here I was, all set and prepared to work on another birthday comic ... and then I found out that was it! Well, actually, that's not entirely the case ... By the time I was ready to start working on this comic, I'd found out that several of the birthdays I was notified of happening this month don't happen until the next month (or even later than that).

So much for a birthday-packed month, heh! Still, the number of birthdays this month has created an interesting (if stressful!) little miniseries.

While practically everything here, like in most of the recent comics I've been doing, is a reused instance of a previous character, I had to edit or redraw a lot of 'em heavily. For instance, the part with me standing in the background while Sniff heroically suggests to give the sky a birthday party is actually me from screenChaos028: Where Sword Maces Come From.

You probably wouldn't be able to tell right away though; I had to redraw most of it since, well ... compared to what I do now, the artwork from back then is really crude, to put it lightly!

Speaking of which! We can finally get to see a larger body shot of Tristan! A lot of people have been correcting me (or trying to correct me) about Tristan's proportions; while I'm not claiming I'm good at anatomy, this is one case where it's not really my fault. Well, it's not the fault of anything, really; it's just that Crusader shoulder pads are huge. It makes anyone wearing it look like they've got a tiny head!

Comic #121

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