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So, I wake up today and I find myself sprawled out on the ground, and my head feels unusually bald. I sit up and say to myself, "What the heck happened to my biretta?!" Then I find out that Nth Power took it and used it as an ingredient in his latest concoction. He also took a goodly amount of my hair for the purpose. I'm totally gonna get him back for that. And I'm gonna get my biretta back, too. So anyway, since damascus metal was used by the Turks during the Crusades, I was trying to find period art of a Turkish soldier killing or attacking a Crusader ... That took up a lot of time. I must have used like 20 different phrases just to find a picture that could work! In retrospect, I really should have just drawn a facsimile of it, but medieval art has this look that I can't really replicate on my own. This picture I've used is artwork from the Crusades apparently, but like with most medieval art, they make everything look ... er ... homogeneous. I guess that's the appropriate word for it! It's hard to tell from a glance who's supposed to be on whose side here. Oh, and right here... yes, I know that the Communist emblem is the hammer and sickle; but this is Tristar, and he's a Blacksmith—that and Communist countries don't always use the same emblems. The Soviet Union had the hammer and sickle and that's what everyone knows, but East Germany had a hammer and an architectural compass. Anyway, point is, we're talking about a blacksmith revolution... so it has two hammers rather than the hammer and sickle. Maybe I shoulda used a hammer and anvil instead?


Comic #122

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