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I wrote this comic idea long before I had access to the Ragnarok graphic novels; and I found out there that in one of the bonus four-panel comics at the end of the various books, there's a comic a lot like this.

The funny thing about that comic; Mandragoras there are treated much like how they're normally thought of outside of Ragnarok Online—that is to say, they're plants that shriek when pulled out of the ground, and it's ... not pleasant to experience it.

In Ragnarok Online itself, though, Mandragoras are tentacle carnivorous pot jug plant thingies that try to feast on Novices trying to become Acolytes.

Quite a world of difference, there!

Anyway, this comic was actually meant a tribute to something else entirely. It was meant to be a reference to Super Mario Bros 2 for the NES—uprooting a red plant and finding strange objects (such as Novvy) attached to it.

Red Plants (or plants of other colors) are usually found on their lonesome away from bushes, so you don't really see things like this in-game ... but hey, who's to say there couldn't be a patch of Red Plants out there hiding among red ferns?

Comic #123

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