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Y'know ... I think this is the first time I've done this. Ever. But I started and finished the comic the day before the comic day. So I uploaded all this at midnight.

In celebration, I took a bar of soap and a bottle of champagne to Beige, the resident curmudgeon of the Ragnarok Wisdom IRC channel, and made him a foamy alien. His response?

"Get back to work, Aragan."

You gotta imagine that for a minute. A dude covered in soap and champagne fizz, calmly telling you to get back to work.

Mental image.

Anyway, I'll let today's comic speak for itself—if you're just tuning in, check the previous comic for context! Although given this is Novvy the Novice we're talking about, context may be futile.

Meanwhile, I'm contributing to the eventual end of the YTMND fad and have made a number of my own sites. Here's some of the ones I've done so far:


The Pootworm


Cheese In Your ...

Saving My Stapler

I will probably make more of these in the near future!

Comic #127

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