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Link to RW!

WE'RE GOING FOR THE BONUS ONE-UPS! I have hit the turtle shell repeatedly, and now I am getting one-ups for I have hit it twelve times in advance!

I feel so LIBERATED! So CLEAN of sin and guilt! I THINK I'M GOING TO BE LIKE ARCHIMEDES AND RUN NAKED IN THE STREETS SCREAMING "EUREKA! EUREKA!" Er—wait, this isn't Super Mario Bros. ... What was I saying? Nevermind!

Well, since we're here—I made two more YTMNDs, like I said I probably would. One of them's even based on RW!

thse eggs r teh suk!!1

Unit Lost

That other one's from Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2.

The sound for the RW one is a fan sound recorded by Magdalena/Emmy of the Merchant Guild. She is so awesome at voicing Novvy—it's EXACTLY as I imagine him talking. If and when I do an RW flash movie, she'd be my first pick for voicing Novvy.

You know how some of the comics I've done were based on real events? This is another one of those!

... What was my great idea for porings, you ask?

I'm not telling!

... Okay, okay, I'll give you a hint and nothing else! You're not getting anything more from me!

They jiggle. Think about that one for a bit. There! You've had your hint!

Oh, LOOK! It's the return of Tristan's infamous "c.c;" expression!

Comic #128

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