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You know, the art in this comic feels ... wierd. It took me forever to draw the first panel, because no matter what I did, it didn't look right, and it still doesn't look right—especially with Corigan's head being bigger than Lunaris.

Or at least, it looks like it to me.

I think it might have been because of all the Ad Ultimum-related concept artwork I've been doing like mad for the past week.

Well, anyway! I've had this idea floating in my head since January. We've got a number of Canadians here in the cast, like Corigan and Lunaris here. Some other guys not currently in the RW cast, like Neko-san, are also from the Great White North.

Heh. Corigan and Lunaris, both Knights. They're kind of like two peas in a pod that way! Or maybe ... more like peanuts, since they're nuts—no wait, peanuts are legumes. Augh! Nevermind!

This comic does have a kind of vague point to it, but I'll leave that for you all to divine. If I say too much, Beige will come and smother me with frown energy! I might have already said too much. The Men in Beige with their frownhomes may already have been dispatched to my door!


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Comic #132

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