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Heya everyone, it's time for a bit of a public service announcement. No funnies this time around. Hatred, harassment, prejudice, and maltreatment of an entire people, be it because of their ethnicity, religion, social status, or sexual orientation, is wrong—and so is hating people because of their nationality. If you think you're tolerant and open-minded yet bash a certain nation and its people, you're a hypocrite.

I say this because most of the cast (myself included) are Americans. We receive a lot of the world's hate because of our nationality. The flame part of this comic uses actual phrases that have been said directly to me, or that I have witnessed. There's a lot of people who relish the thought of killing or hurting Americans—again, that's people like me, Sniff, Trist, Talien, Saint Damien, Lenz, and Nth Power. That's 380 million people that the world hates, stereotypes, and lumps into one big vat labeled "evil," "idiots," and "scum."

For those people who hate the people of a nation because of the actions of its government, keep in mind that a nation's government may do things that are downright wrong, but that does not automatically mean every citizen of that nation is evil.

Understand, I'm not JUST against prejudice against Americans. I condemn bashing people of any nationality. See, what I'm preaching here is true tolerance and openness. I'm fighting to stop the kind of hypocrisy where one claims to be tolerant and open-minded and yet act intolerant and prejudiced. I see it everywhere, and it's got to stop.

Comic #133

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