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Wow, I don't think I've done a comic this crowded for a while. Well, if you don't count Talien's birthday, buuuuut that was comprised mainly of just cameotextthings. We were all crammed in the confines of his anti-suck robot, like a can of sucky sardines!

Anyways, did you know that (as of this writing) I and most of CoRM have never seen the Magma Dungeon? My iRO subscription expired before Juno arrived, but then I do plan to repay—just too busy at the moment.

Out of everyone who is playing/has played iRO, I think only Trist and Zelse have been there.

If I ever DO go there, though, I am going to make sure that Nth Power does not bring ANYTHING gaseous to the party. Or ... maybe we just make sure all the supplies we bring were bought by other Alchemists. That way he'll sell his goodies to other people and not use them on us!

Comic #136

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