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Alllrighty! Here's the first winning entry, by Brendon!

This is a message in a bottle type thing for people who might have begun reading RW after August 2004. You know, one of those crazy things you write for people in the future and stuff.

For the month of August I held a contest where anyone could write up a script for an RW comic and send it in, and six of the ones that me and the RW cast found funniest would be made into RW comics. We had a ton of funny submissions come in, too!

Like, the whole day of August 3rd me, Sniff, Lunaris, and Trist and some of the other RW cast just looked through the script entries, picked out which ones split our sides with laughter, and whatnot.

This here is the first of those winning scripts turned into comics by me.

Okay, NOW then! Before the Beigeinator comes after me with an icepick, I am going to run far away now and hide in a bunker somewhere in New Mexico.

With a machine gun. And a few tons of plastic explosive. And a spare nuclear device.

Gentlemen, it's a nuclear device.

Time is running out!

... oh, sorry.

Comic #140

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