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Now we're getting back into comics based on actual experiences!

Well, sort of.

This is based on an actual happenstance that Sniff and Tristan experienced ... but it didn't happen in Ragnarok Online.

Rather, it happened in Neocron, a science fiction post apocalyptic cyberpunk kind of MMORPG by Reakktor with some kind of first-person angle on things.

Sniff and Tristan are kind of like MMORPG connoisseurs; they play a lot of different MMOs.

The Prontera Parish also had an "alternate universe" incarnation of themselves in Neocron, led by Mako-chan.

Am I the only one that can't think of someone with a name like that without thinking of a Mako shark with a pretty pink bow tied around its dorsal fin?

Thought so!

Anyway! I will admit, I've had thoughts about seeing what Neocron is for myself ... buuut I dunno.

If I were to transplant myself into Neocron, I'd probably wind up as this bald frail thing with huge black eyes but completely blind.

That's what PSI Monks apparently are in Neocron, from the backstory I read ... you know, that almost sounds like they're Greys.

While the event actually happened (as well as the dialogue, almost word for word), the whole "detective swordsman" thing is my take on the tale.

Well, okay, that and the Ragnarok Online twist.

Maybe some lime and salt on the rim, too.

... Great, now I'm making this sound like a margarita.

Comic #146

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