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Well, I was planning on working on something different for today—but Sniff got a hold of me and told me that I forgot about Lunaris and Nth's birthdays. They'd COMPLETELY slipped my mind, especially due to some of the recent stuff that's been going on.

I'm bad about that, really.


Hell, sometimes, I forget my own birthday! I'm dead serious about that. There'll be times when I can't remember when I was born. Though, admittedly, doing stuff like The Legend of Key-Fu has helped me remember.

As for other people's birthdays, well ... Sometimes the only way I'll remember is with an Azoth to the neck. ;_;

Just imagine how nasty the Azoth would be in War of Emperium or PVP, if it could turn people into monsters! Porings or stronger monsters, it doesn't matter, but it'd be terrifying.

No Beige! I'm not explaining the comic! I'm explaining its PURPOSE, but I'm not explaining the funniness!

Put the frown gun down.

Put it down, dammit.

Put it—AGH@&*^

must ...

resist ..

frown ... energy ...


: ( : ( : ( : ( : ( : ( : (

Comic #147

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