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No, seriously. Zelse cut off his ears and put them on his head. Who WOULDN'T be pissed about that? Just ask Evander Holyfield and what happened to him when he fought Mike Tyson. It wasn't pretty. x_o

I wanna know why assassins love the bunny band. Them and thieves. Yeah, I know, a girl + bunny band might be cute, but let's face it. If your mission is to stalk people and kill them in cold blood, you are NOT going to wear giant white fuzzy ears that dangle and bounce across your vision like a super ball.

... Actually, if Zelse were on a mission to kill Lenz in that comic right there, he'd be able to kill him while he was laughing his ass off. Hm ... Maybe wearing bunny bands IS a good idea!

I kinda miss the days when Myung-Jin Lee's artwork was used for the character classes, especially with those little class blurbs they had.

Older RO veterans will probably remember the class blurb for the Assassin class, but for those that don't, it's "Assassin, the Shadow of Death."

Hence the comic's title!

Comic #16

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