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Okay, this one, this is another one of Sniff's ideas. He actually dreamed this up, in like ... a dream. Have you ever seen the inside of Sniff's head? It's actually a pretty crazy place. Katamari Damacy, Homestar Runner on Acid and Guu's stomach COMBINED cannot match the wierdosity of that which humanity knows as Sniff the Raven's cerebellum.

Even his cortex is a rather crazy place!

The censor bar is referencing an April Fools thingamajig Spinny of Everlasting Wanderers did. Y'see, instead of doing crazy things like bringing down the system or being invaded by martians from Pluto, he instead chose to trick the lower head of the male readers of his comic of the universe of the too many of the prepositions by having a pic he drew of the main female lead, Kuumei; but then put a giant censor bar over her body that contained the text "@_@;;;" and claimed it was a hentai pic ... and the way the pic was drawn, it was suggesting that Kuumei really was naked.

Of course if you actually clicked on the pic you'd discover it was really an April fools joke and then Spinny would pop out of the monitor and shove a giant cruise missile into your eye.

How do I know that?

... Well, uh ...

Comic #161

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