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It's that time of the year again, folks! Giant trees with enough lights to make Las Vegas jealous erupt from Prontera's town square fountain, and snow starts falling, and ... porings. Fat jally blobs of poring santaness INVADE THE WORLD! Lunaris is right, these things ARE aliens.

... You know, thinking about it, why didn't they make a Thanksgiving poring? Just imagine; pop one and tons of food items erupt from it.

Like a geyser of foodstuffs.
Huge fountains of creamed corn thrown sky high, covering entire cities in a corny imitation of Pompeii. ... Okay, I think the insomnia is taking effect.

Someone told me that (s)Niffleheim ... or wait, as it just Halloween? Anyway, one of those came with Halloween porings. I wonder what they were like ... given that I wasn't around at all.

Woulda been kinda scary if Gravity replaced all the porings with Ghostrings on Halloween. Oh man.

I still have nightmares from the one time Ghostring whooped my butt, back in Beta-2. Him and his giant whispers ... and that noise he makes! Scares the heck out of me!

... Hmm ... I shoulda put a label on that beer bottle. Oh well, let's just consider it generic! GENERIC BRANDS DON'T NEED LABELS! HAR HA! *victorious!*

Oh yeah, anyway! It's the return of the Lenz! Heir to the throne of ... um ... pants. And glasses.

I really haven't stuck the guy in a comic for a while, haven't I? Same with the Saint Dee(dledee), but he got in a comic just a few comics ago. So he's comiced up. Sort of. Can't hurt to appear another fifty times.

To think, these guys were the original team, busting up people for their hats and then wearing them on the wrong body parts.
Like, Lenz put stetsons on his hands. I dunno why. Crazy cabbage.

Comic #163

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