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Wow, we've officially hit the 150 mark for Ragnarok Wisdom! Every time we hit fifty comics or so, it's kind of like hitting a whole new anniversary for RW—it wows the pkunk out of me.

I dun got much to say this time, because I'm currently about to collapse from sleep deprivation, BUT!

I do need to say this isn't an anti-sage comic. I've got nothing against sages at all. What this is, is an anti-Hocus Pocus lamer comic. You know, the idiots who think that it's awesome to use Hocus Pocus in order to cram MVPs into the buildings of towns, cities, or places well traveled. Though the method is different, it's essentially the exact same thing that the Dead Branch griefers used to do—and still do.

Yeah. To anyone who gets a kick out of that stuff, here's a big middle fingermace in the face! D:<

In other news, it's the return of Neko-san! However, he's no longer the unstable gender-bending shape shifter he used to be! He's chosen a new name/class/appearance and he's sticking to it. I've updated the cast icon to reflect that. Now then, if you guys and gals will excuse me, I'm starting to ... feel ... woozy ...


... zzz ...

... cornnuts ...

Comic #167

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