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After a rambunctious romp through Amatsu with Sniff and an RW fan, this idea slammed into my head. It took me a long time to finish it, but I think it was worth it! Compared to my usual stuff, it's very pretty.

... Check out Sniff's fishing sword-rod. Either he's using wire that laughs at the cutting power of his blade, or he cut a groove into the sword so they wouldn't be cut! I'm betting on the former. In fact, I bet Sniff yoinked Gleipnir just to go fishing.

... Well, okay, I take back what I said about the comic being very pretty.
The Megalodon isn't pretty, but the Swordfish is! ... Why do they call it a Swordfish anyway? It looks nothing like one! I mean, look at it! It has a BEAK! It doesn't even stab with its beak! A Phen would be more likely a Swordfish than the Swordfish!

Now then. The following space shall be intentionally left blank. Nothing to see there! Really!

So you're wondering who those people are in the background? That's us, actually! Us, as in the Ragnarok Wisdom cast! Okay, not exactly us, but it's our Anarchy Online counterparts! The guy in the second panel is Jechno, Sniff's counterpart (an Opifex Fixer). The big guy in the third panel is my counterpart, an Atrox Martial Artist named Veregar. The guy in the fourth panel is Lunaris' counterpart, Cyranek, a Human Soldier. Tristan's counterpart is in the fifth panel. Isn't it scary how feminine he can make himself look while wearing a suit of armor?

As for the big three-eyed dude in the final panel, that's Eumenides, a midboss of the Subway dungeon found in some of the starting cities, a lackey to some (literally!) faceless mad scientist named Vergil Aeneid who's been lurking in the Subway's deepest parts. Eumenides has been our arch-nemesis as long as we have been down there!

Did you highlight that text? I thought so! Now that you know the truth, I'll have to turn you into the Knights in Black!

Comic #168

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