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I've had this idea waiting in the wings until iRO got the renovated Payon! I wonder what it's gonna be like—having seen Juno (and being both simultaneously amazed at its grandeur and yet easily confused as there was little color differentiation ... not much shading present, so it looked like an endless field of stone sometimes!), I know it's gonna be of that quality; but at least here it looks pretty ... er ... navigable, I suppose.

I wonder if the main bridge will have all of those huge (spoilers) that were present from the original graphic novel series? Too bad they couldn't be used.
In all though, I like how the new Payon looks. The previous Payon looked more like some kind of palace rather than a palace and a city; this time around, the city aspect is more present.

Has anyone noticed how, in most recent areas such as Juno and Nifelheim, the, er, quality of those maps (as far as detail and geometry) is better than the older ones? Personally I'd like to see all the other, older cities renovated and updated as well. It'd be cool to, for example, scale Geffen Tower as it really was in the novels, for example. Or participate in its magic festival tournaments.

Good ol' Nth, he makes so many contributions to the Ragnarok Online community. I hear NASA wants to make him the first astronaut to Mars as part of the terraforming project. ... Er ... As much as I'd be amused at the results of that, I'd rather not see Mars turned into a giant mashed potato sculpture of Rodney Dangerfield, populated by snowmen and killer spinach.

Comic #172

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