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Wow ... we haven't had one of these in a while, haven't we? ... In 105 comics, to be precise. Years ago. That's ... pretty scary! HELP! THE TEMPORAL PIGEON IS OUT TO GET ME! ;0;!!! Oh wait, I know! I'll summon Captain Tootsie!

cover that street,

... Ahem! Okay, I'm right in the head again. I bet that someday, Gravity'll make a special quest just to enter the submerged parts of Baylan. Or at least require some sort of special item down there lest you take constant damage from not being able to get air. That's what they did for Geffenia! To get there, you have to find and use Lucifer's Lament, a crystal item fashioned after the one Lydia used to enter ancient Geffenia/Alfheim in the graphic novels. If I recall correctly, you use the item the same way Lydia did. Rather cool too. I hope they put in more stuff related to the graphic novels! If I'd never picked up the novels I would never have known that the game was based on them, and would have assumed that it was a Korean attempt at, like, Tales of Phantasia or Secret of Mana. Though that's mostly Gravity's doing, I think. The graphic novels are pretty consistent in theme, or at least they have been. It's been three years since Myung-Jin Lee released another volume of Ragnarok! ;_; Either way, I don't think they'll leave it like this forever. Or at least, I hope they don't, because it completely defies logic! Most likely, they'll have like, some sort of special chewing gum that releases air. That's what they did in Phantasy Star II! I'm serious. At one point, you had to chew gum to breathe, else you'd never make it through one of the dungeons before you drowned.

Kind of reminds me of that The Prodigy song, "Breathe With Me." Except featuring a bunch of random people on the ocean floor all chewing gum in time to the music. Then someone sticks their gum under the chair and promptly drowns.

Comic #175

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