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You know, a long time ago, I made mistakes like this.

Around the first few days of being in Beta-1 with the CoRM crew, there were rumors of second level classes. (Remember, this is early beta-1—first level classes and novices only, no one knew what was going to be coming later on).

There were some rumors and concept art for classes (including the mercs) circulating around this time. At one point I mistook the "swordsman mercenary" picture as being the design for assassins—and to me, male thieves kinda looked like said artwork at a glance (if you mistake the jacket for being bare arms, and the shirt for being the shirt worn by swordsmen mercenaries)—and I had embarrassed myself at one point by walking up to a male thief and asking if he was an assassin.

At a time when second level classes weren't even in iRO, much less known about—but hey, I have an excuse, I was relatively new! It's a lot more scary if people who've been around enough to change into a second level job make that kind of mistake!

And now, I present for your approval, Rudolph Ravioli launching cheese missiles at the asteroid belt.

its time to eradicate the grass men

* Kurushimi decides to solo the plane of earth lol

... Yeah, it lies mainly in interpretation. Aaanyways, I shall end this randomness with a harpy borfday to (one) of our resident cross-dressers, Tristan Aileron.

By the way, where's Tristar Aileron been? That's a really good question ...

Comic #176

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