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The irony of this comic is that on the day of the update, it wasn't a pleasant day. My area in Texas had a chance of severe weather—i.e. tornadoes and hail. That's not what I call pleasant, unless your idea of a pleasant day is having Herbert Hoover stop by your house and demonstrate the doppler effect by summoning a fire spirit—er, I mean, summoning a tornado and using it to do battle with Oreck.

Me, I'd rather NOT wind up getting into a vaccu-suck contest—but out here, there's only so much you can do to avoid being used as a subject for a cleaning commercial like that. One minute you're enjoying a nice day, next minute an F2 tornado is saying "BUY MY VACCUM CLEANERS, YOU CABBAGE!"

And then you wind up doing a noise dive in Wyoming along with everyone else from your city.

... Okay, maybe that's not so bad, I mean, like Sniff says, Wyoming is the vertiable modern-day Cockagyne ... You know what? Maybe that's why Sniff loves Wyoming. It's like Cockagyne. Cock. Rooster. Chicken. It all fits!

Anyway, it's time to wrap this up. Spent too long rambling, so I will end it with this:

If you guys have not read Nth Power's "Dead Horse V" series of Megaman X parodies, YOU MUST DO SO NOW.

You can read them at Disaster Labs. But as a warning, the series has a lot of profane (and sometimes) sexual content in it.

Personally, I love DHV8 the most.


... What are you waiting for? GO READ THEM! NOW!

Comic #179

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