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Aaand here's the comic I was working on last week!

This kind of thing happens to me all the time in RO, though. And it can be really embarrassing. Actually, nothing like this ever happened, but I have had lots of rather embarrassing incidents where I meant to convey one emotion, and I'd typo the hotkey, giving off another emote entirely and looking like a jerk or idiot.

I've actually been wanting to do this kind of comic for a while—but it's been so long since I first thought the idea up that Ragnarok Online's changed a bit, so this isn't as much of a problem. It used to be that you couldn't change the emotion hotkeys at all; now, though, hotkeys can be mapped to do other macros, and emotes can also be done through command lines, like World of Warcraft and Anarchy Online. Still, the default hotkeys still retain the alt+4 heart emote, and alt+5 is still the sweatdrop emote, so I'm pretty sure you all can at least relate. Right? ... Riiiight? ... ;_;

... boy, I think I overdid the eyebrows in that panel! I wanted to make sure her anger was visible, but I think I went too far and made them look like Novvy's, or even Groucho Marx's. "Nyeh! One good faceplant deserves another, nyeh! *POW!*"

Anyways, I should also point out! The female monk here isn't anyone in particular, but one of the RW fans, Ginyoku, donated her boobs to this character. She's currently in the hospital ward trying to stop the rampant bleeding from donating said boobs. ;_;

... Man, look at me! I look like a freaking burnt pancake!

Comic #183

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