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In the spirit of 05/05/05, I would like to say the rambling for this comic has been jammed.

Though, this comic is in no way meant to insult Thais. In fact, this is my tribute to the Thais, who've permanently influenced the iRO user culture ... I mean, you rusty veterans have upheld your responsibility to pass on the jam to the newer generations of RO players, right?



But yeah. No offense meant to the Thai peeps—as Nth Power has commented on this comic, "This is a moment of Thai triumph."

- (insert starrrrrrrrz) -

There. Now that I've uploaded the comic I can continue rambling for the pleasure of the root bear people!

Speaking of that—the Day of Jam overlapped with Gut Funk's birthday. So if you see him, give him some high quality paste.

If he's in peco-peco form, paste rolled in birdseeds will do!

Now I need to dispel an assumption here—a lot of people think that if the blue-haired, pigtailed, default female mage (whom appears here ... and yes, she was trying to taste herself before she completely turned into jam. Female mages are weird like that!) appears, it's Suzuran Majere.


The only pigtailed blue haired magic user with a bra that is Suzuran has bunny ears.

That and Suzuran's a wizarddess—er, I mean, wizard now. Though I haven't put him in a comic since #100 ...

... Come to think of it he hasn't even been put in the cast page yet! ARGH!

The jam does strange things to your head.

The deathcopter ... All I'll say on that, is when Talien saw himself turned into a helicopter of doom, he ... well, said nothing. Then he puked up little blue Ringo Starr heads that said "my name is richard starkey" as they fell.

Oh! I do have one thing to say because judging from how many mentioned this when the comic uploaded, more people will do the same—the phrase "matter of minutes" is a big ambiguous to me. It can either mean one minute or many in my mind, hence why I used it!

Now, Sniff came up with a much more funny theory, that the Jamification took place in Jam Time, hence we can allow for some apparent disortions in space time that would make Einstein go "OH MY MOUSTACHE IS QUITE FUZZY THIS TUESDAY MORNING!"

... And yes, for you Phantasy Star fans, that IS Dark Force, jamified.

And with a cute lil' poring face. Doesn't he look much nicer without his mouth open? I sure think he does.

Of course he has the worst breath in the universe, that might be why.

I mean damn, all Alis had to do was cup her hand over Dark Force's mouth when it tried to breathe. INSTANT KILL, BABY.

Do you realize how hard it was trying to find a good picture of a jam jar? I spent hours on this very last panel looking for the perfect one.

Then I realized Sir Hawkeye's comic had the best one that ever existed.
Thanks, Hawkeye. Happy 555 t'ya!

Comic #184

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