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This is one of those things that happen in practically any game ... but it's still disconcerting whenever you see it.

Even with the Rogues, nothing graphical changes if you use Divest Weapon on a monster—though, admittedly, it does have an effect when you do it. So it's not all that in vain. Though it does beg the question ... what are you divesting to make them not attack as hard?

And why weren't Thieves able to do something like that? I mean, they're Thieves! They're all about pickpocketing and petty criminal acts that are perfectly acceptable when performed on monsters.

Anyway, I do understand that when it comes to 2D games that use sprites, it'd be a lot of work to create sprite variations depicting monsters or people without their weapons if they're not already designed for that possibility, like RO's player sprites are.

It would even take work in games with 3D computer models, and it's a kind of work most MMORPG developers don't want to spend time on (disarming people is something I'd expect to see in first/third person shooters and what not).

So, I can fully understand why we don't see it, but ... that still leaves the incongruity of things such as this open!

Comic #187

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