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I still haven't recovered my HTML editor from the hard drive crash, so I've been working on the site updates with Wordpad ... I can't ramble in Wordpad. It's too strange! I can't see what I'm doing! It's like an alien world! It's like I'm flying an airship blindfolded after one too many martinis!


I will say though ... this comic has been dedicated to the Crusader formerly known as Neko-san—Polarias!

It doesn't exactly feature him in the comic, though. It is, however, relevant to his interests—because he really likes catgirls, this comic features Kawaii-chan, whom ... wow, you know, I don't think we haven't seen her in forever.

She was probably too busy working off all those porings she ate in Coggin Noggin's winning guest script from the contest back in Augustish last year.

At least her digestive system was. I don't think she'd be doing much exercise in that state.

Oh, wait ... I'm wrong! We HAVE seen her recently! She was eating that Mastering that was eating Novvy in screenChaos155.

... I don't think she realized Novvy was getting sucked into the Mastering at the time, either, and didn't stop. Poor Novvy, getting double-whammied like that. @_@;

He's a pretty hard guy to kill, though. I'm sure he got out of that somehow—or maybe he just respawned afterward. I'll just leave it to your imaginations!

Speaking of whammies ... Ooh, ouch. Hope you have a good dental plan, Kawaii-chan!

Comic #189

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