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... Done what I did here!

(For those just tuning in, I'm referring to the rambling from the previous comic!)

It might seem odd for Mr. Mannerless Mage here to be so dignified in his jerkassness, but believe me, the mentality is the same all around. He's just more ... eloquent in his choice of words, I suppose.

That makes him pretty rare, though, in a number of ways.

People who are more adept at writing beyond netspeak are usually polite and not demanding when it comes to asking for heals, and the people who are thoughtless netspeaking drones are rarely polite. To them, the "plz" is not even a formality, more like a passcode or something!

Though it's not very funny, the funny thing is that these kind of people will then call US the jackasses and jerks when we can't/don't want to heal them. Even, like, if the healer is obviously away from the compute ror something. Pfff.

At least it's rare to meet someone like Mr. Mannerless Mage, someone who's so arrogant that they'll actually forcefully disrupt whatever a cleric is doing at the time just to make sure there's nothing in the way of them getting what they want right then and now.

As rare as it is, I've heard some depressing horror stories from others.

We might be servants of the Load, but we'd like to be treated as fellow human beings, you know!

Comic #19

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