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So, Sniff approaches me with an idea, and this comic is what came of it. Give Sniff some chickencakes for giving me the idea! While you're at it, give Talien your birthday cakes too. Today's his birthday!

For those playing the home game (or for those who never played RO at all!) I offer some contextual trivia! When the transcendent classes were first announced, the skill now known as Gloria Dominia was originally called Pressure. Instead of flashy crossness, the skill involved calling down the foot of God to stomp on the target. The comic's title itself; the song that plays in the Mjolnir Coal Mines (or the Dead Pit, same place different name) has this phrase repeated repeatedly: "Find a way to beat ... THE PRESSURE!" Though, the last two words sound like "DA PRESSHA!" instead.
We've hit upon some landmarks here! Tristan is our first trans classer; he was the last character to use my guess at the Crusader sprite for the Starring list. Y'see, RW started before Crusader—and Alchemist—sprites were available, 'cept for fuzzy pics of them. I had to estimate what they looked like in MS Paint for Nth Power, Sniff, and Tristan's Starring icons. Nth is still using the Alchie sprite I made for the cast list, though.

Comic #193

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