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Funny thing about this one! When I was working on this comic, I was expecting Canada Day to be on the second of July. So I was working on it at my leisure, thinking I'd have plenty of time ... then a few hours before midnight I'm told it actually is on the first of the month. Believe me, after the scramble to finish the comic, I won't be forgetting that any time soon!

I also did this comic soon before this summer's 24-hour Megazeux game creation competition, the Day of Zeux. Me, Rudolph Ravioli (AKA Kurushimi/Kuddy) and Es are all in on this one. What a time for the DoZ to happen, eh? Sandwiched right between Canada Day and the 4th of July, leaving me little time to do comics—but hey, I like 'Zeuxing. It just takes a lot of coffee and/or energy drinks to keep me going like this! Anyways, all the guys in this comic are the Canadians of CoRM. All three of 'em! (Dracula there doesn't count. He's undead!) I think Lunaris might be interested in having his own blood swapped out for maple syrup after this comic. Polarias would probably do so if he didn't realize that maple syrup isn't a good replacement for blood and this would die soon after ... though maybe maple syrup can work like that salt ice water thing solution they used to cryogenically freeze those dogs before waking them back up!

Comic #194

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