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Welp, the Day of Zeux was a big bust for me, Es, and Kuddy (Rudolph Ravioli) this time around. We managed to submit our game, but it was, well ... we didn't get much of anything we wanted to do done. The Sandman kept claiming victims. ;_; At least we managed to turn something in! Well, then. On to happier subjects! For instance, IT'S BIRTHDAY AGAIN, IN AMERICA! (Unless you're a child of the 80's like I am, or are older than that, that reference will fly over your head.)

I figure most people are not gonna know what exactly Rudolph Ravioli is playing with in the background—or foreground, since consumer fireworks are banned in lots of countries, and also banned in some U.S. states (and also banned in some counties where states don't ban fireworks). He's lighting things called "snakes" or "black snakes," little firework toys that instead of popping or exploding or shooting off sparks and whistles, actually transforms into a long ashen snake.

They're pretty cool, but then I might be biased; I'm a nut for fireworks. Always have been! I'm not crazy, though. Not like those kids who go around shooting each other with Roman Candles like they're playing Quake III Arena or something. You know what would be awesome, though? Getting all those military-themed consumer fireworks together (you know, like the cardboard tanks that roll along the ground and shoot small flares as they go), tying them all to one big fuse, and setting them off in a way that looks like a mock battle.

Now if I can only find the time, money, and a good spot free of flammable foliage!

Comic #195

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