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I will be honest with you all. This comic was actually a waking dream I had. I actually saw this happen! ... Why doesn't anyone believe me?! ;_; Well, anyway, it was the (moon-filled crater) I could do with only a few hours of the 10th left before the touchdown occurred by various angst-filled wild beasts.


You gotta watch out for them giant flying heads, man. They can knock you out cold in three shots with their eye beam lasers. Especially when Rudolph Ravioli is riding one as a mount!

No, a TV station dungeon has not actually been planned! This is just me being silly. If they did something like this, though, I'd flip out. Speaking of which, I made a horrid discovery! Statistics show 20% of the readership here will understand just what is being referenced, because TV stations just don't actually do this kind of thing anymore.

The times, they are a-changin' ...

Comic #196

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