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Aaaand here's the second one I did after a very long break!

You know, Tristar here looks unusually flat. He looks like one of Talien's cardboard cutouts! Wait... maybe he IS a cardboard cutout! FOK! THE GUILD TREASURER IS A PIECE OF—huh? Oh! Hehe. Sorry.

This comic came out before I learned that Ragnarok Online was based on Myung-Jin Lee's manhwa series, so at the time I was baffled by the presence of modern stuff in what seemed like a typical European Fantasy setting. That's not to say that other games/books/whathaveyou do the same thing; it's just that in Ragnarok Online there wasn't a readily apparent reason!

Check out that aerial on Tristar's head in the next panel. He's his own communications officer.

Comic #2

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