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Whew! I've been working on this one all day today. Well, at least when weather permitted. It was seriously raining all day today! Them clouds must've had a few kegs of ... cloud beer ... before floating over to my house. Anyway! This is a sort-of-continuation of the previous one. I figure, now that I've introduced Gut Funk's claim to fame from the Parish into the comic, I might as well do a tad more with it. I need to be careful though, else I will milk the cow dry! So I will not use send the cow into space.

You know, I think this and the previous comics mark the first time Gut Funk's said anything significant—especially for an entire comic—without using emoticons in the word ballon. All the previous comics have him going "@o@;;;" or ">0<!!!" in response to various stuff. Maybe it's the crown and towel cape? Oh, that city shot is from The Day After Tomorrow. If you put aside the unrealistic way climate change happens, it's a great disaster movie. I recall Intuitor saying that if the movie were set over a long period of time and ended with Mad Max on snowmobiles, it'd be plausible. That'd be cool to see. (... no pun intended.) So! The Big Apple was flooded by Zelse, now Gut Funk's frozen it. Given his explosive tendencies, who knew he could do that?

Comic #201

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