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I probably should have made this comic a long time ago, given how many times I've encountered this problem. Seriously. For some reason people either confuse my name with Aragorn Elessar from Lord of the Rings, or misspell it as "Aragon."

This's been a problem for a long time. ;_;

So lemme make it clear: My name is "Aragan."

A R A G A N.

It's not a typoed attempt at naming myself after Aragorn or anything like that. In fact, Aragan is a real word. It is a variant of my last name in Ireland. That's how I came up with the name in the first place, using a variant of my real life last name. (Good luck guessing what my real last name is!)

Anyway, I guess people call me "Aragon" at times because that's the name of a Spanish province and is also a real-world last name—but I'm not Aragon, I'm Aragan!

Now that I have driven that point into the ground with both a comic and a rambling column, I'll leave you to contemplate this last frame here!

I hope I did Aragorn and Gimli justice in drawing them. I try to not animize my style when dealing with non-anime/RO/whatever type characters. I only do that in RW because I try to emulate Myung Jin-Lee's art style, which rocks the house.

Comic #203

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