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Daaaamn! Okay, THIS time I remembered it was gonna be Lunaris and Nth Power's birthday. Problem was, I had total writer's block—I couldn't think of anything. ANYTHING! I wound up missing the Sunday update deadline, stumped.

Then Es came to the rescue with one word ... pinata.

From that one word, I was thusly inspired, and was able to provide for Lunaris, Nth Power, and all of you!

Oh, right, the comic. You know what's awesome about doing things in MS Paint? If a font can't do the glitzy tlide-circumflex-pose character, you can still claim victory by using the tilde key and moving the tilde onto the letters. BWAHAHA!!

Okay, you Gimp and Photoshop users can laugh triumphantly too, but you all have to stand on that podium.

In front of Ben Affleck.


With ... uh ... Kawaii-chan's antics here, I tried to make it obvious that the poring was made of paper-mache.

It's kind of hard to convey the texture of materials with you're trying to draw them through Kawaii-chan's skin like that.

... And please oh please do not take this panel the wrong way. Please, I beg you.


Comic #204

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