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As Rudy Ravioli would say, ARGH MORE VIDEO GAME CROSSOVERS >:(



This is what gets me: The storm was pretty light. No severe weather warnings—but it was thundering. A lot.

Yet there were no power outages or surges. Things get quiet after the storm's thunderclaps cannot be heard ... AND THEN THE POWER GOES OUT. The weather likes messing with me! I swear! (And I need a UPS ... )

It's crazy just how much Starcraft took off. That game was and is a worldwide sensation ... dang thing sold 9 million copies. That's a lot of zerg rushin'! Not to mention a lot of Protoss, Terrans, and Zerg desperately in need of Rudolph Ravioli's farts.

I swear, after playing as Terrans for so long, you start to hear the guys say things differently. I swear nowadays, instead of "Job's Finished," the SCVs keep telling me Jav is Finnish.

I don't even know who Jav is! Why are they so insistent on telling me he's Finnish?! Why should I care?! ;_;

Then there's the Terran Wraith pilots, always demanding Corn Nuts—and Siege Tank commanders talking about eating roses when they're on the move. To say nothing of the Marines. I swear they're asking me if I want a piece of meat now ... That's when I remember that Starcraft Marines are usually former prisoners and crminals, and mishearing them as saying "You wanna piece o' meat, boy?" takes on a whole new horrible meaning.


Comic #205

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