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I'm really really glad Alaylle came to my rescue by standing in for me with a guest comic. ;0;

Thank you so much, Alaylle!

Alaylle decided to make this for my birthday when she saw the mess I was in; I've got that annual comic [The Legend of Key-Fu that I do on my birthday, which I had been trying to work on throughout October and the months prior.

I'm in college, though, and keeping my head academically above water is priority number one.

With two major exams both scheduled on my birthday, I didn't have much time to handle The Legend of Key-Fu, to say nothing of Ragnarok Wisdom!

It's been years after the fact, so I doubt people will notice this unless they've been reading through the archives in one sitting or they have, like, really good memory ... but Alaylle has actually been cameoed in Ragnarok Wisdom before, back in screenChaos061, as one of Talien's gang of girls.

You have to hand it to her, it takes some serious STR to do pull ups like that, especially when she was a midget acolyte back then.

She's no longer a midget Acolyte! Now she's a ... blob of pink ribbons and kimonos and blue hair!

Not meant in any offensive way, of course!

Say ... how exactly did I manage to fend off an ambush by Myseltainn ...

mistle ...

mustafa ...

the sword named after mistletoe but with an entirely different spelled name while sitting down and away from the keyboard? He did like zero damage to me!

Truly it must have been the work of Key-Fu!

Sure didn't take long for Sniff and Lunaris to make a card game out of all that. Funny thing is, among the Ragnarok Wisdom cast I think Tristan is the most into Yu-Gi-Oh!

... Well, actually, I'm not sure about that, but I recall hearing that he does play it. Makes me wonder if he'll try to include custom cards into his deck based on this comic! (Can you do that in Yu-Gi-Oh!? I guess you could, if you play under house rules ... )

Comic #212

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