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The first time I laid eyes on the typical appearance of an RO2 player character, well, this is exactly what came through my mind.

A lot of people have said that the art style is very similar to ROSE—I have to admit it does resemble it a bit, but it looks different to me—it looks more like they tried to capture the appearance of RO sprites in RO2.

Hence the giant hollow eyes of doom! ... and the sort of baby-faced look. Like a face only Stephen Hawking could love!
(I think ...)

I mean, when you look at RO sprites, you can kind of see where they got the idea ... but I dunno, for me, I'd prefer the graphics style to reflect what the two MMORPGs are based off of—namely, Myung-Jin Lee's graphic novels.

I mean, most of the concept art for classes is done by the big M-J L himself. And they look decidedly awesome.

If RO2 has body morphing engines, it's not too far a stretch of imagination for them to create an option to switch between Ragnarok graphic novel-style and RO style character models. All they'd have to do is use the morphing engine to change the size of the heads/hands/feet to more realistic porportions ... and ... well ... DO SOMETHING ABOUT THOSE EYES.

Funnily enough, there are some M-J Lish eyes on the NPC characters of RO2. The character creation screen videos didn't seem to offer them for PCs.


Oh well. Still can't wait to play RO2, black hole eyes or not.

Comic #213

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