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For those who've tuned in to Ragnarok Wisdom after Halloween '05 and are reading this rambling column after the fact, I had to post this comic up with half of its panels for Halloween because, well, college (specifically Accounting) was putting me through a ringer with highly demanding labs and homework.
gut funk: aragan
I had no choice but to upload the comic partially finished (up to panel #3).
zelse: captain jack sparrow
Afterwards I tried to finish the rest of the RW when I could, in between other RWs and more college exams.
corigan: moai
But y'know what? To qouth Secret of Mana, time is like a river—and when time is like a river, anything you leave unattended goes downstream.
tristan: whisper
Then you're left chasing it all the way down the riverbank yelling obscenities. With comic #200 coming up as of this update (December 2nd), it's going to land in the middle of another wave of finals and tests.
saint damien: rock lee
So rather than working on screenChaos199 this week I went back and put all my focus into finishing this one for good.
aragan: jc denton
I hope it was worth the wait, guys!
talien: highlander
The interesting side effect is that people have already decided upon who they think is who.
kuddy: splinter cell
Now that the rest of the comic is done, I can't wait to see their reactions!
sniff: cloud strife
If you really wanna know who is who, look for subliminal messages in this rambling column!
nth power: megalodon
If you do that, watch out for the Knights in Black and the black pecopeco riders. They'll nab you for revealing the conspiracy!

Comic #214

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