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Even though this year has felt like ten years to me, time still moves fast! So its like a weird feeling of, the year has lasted forever, yet it's also passed by in the blink of an eye.

Me? I'd love to be capable of stopping or slowing time down to get things done when I want to get them done! Alas, with s much to do and so little time, you just have to prioritize.

I pulled this one off in between college work and (trying) to finish #193, which (at the time of uploading this comic) was unfinished due to college demands preventing me from focusing on finishing that comic.

Anyway, enough about the paperwork pushing angst! Let us speak of other, happier things!


Nothing happy of which to speak? Well, I guess that means you get a lot of dead air instead.

That's right! You're getting zombies in locked air shafts! (Ewww.)

Wait, no, that'd be undead air instead ... oh, whatever. Dead air, undead air, it still smells like evil! Evil which must be purged with holy flashlights and air fresheners!

Speaking of fresheners, Rudolph Ravioli once told me, "i have a fever, and the only prescription is more novvy"


Comic #215

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