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I think Civilization 4 was just released last week or the week prior. I don't have the exact date on hand, but hey. Civ 4 is pretty awesome, and we've done plenty of video game crossovers already. More can't hurt!

I'm a major Civ fan. I might not have shown it before, but I have Civ II, Call to Power, and now this. Ever since I first got introduced to the series on the SNES I've loved it. (I have Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri too, but that doesn't quite count.)

Still! This is pretty funny given what we know of history—granted, maces were common, but the sword and the mace had effective uses depending on the strategic environment. Then again, maces are effective against heavy armor, so I suppose for the sake of the game it was logical to put them "ahead" of sword-armed units because at the time armored soldiers like knights were appearing.

Speaking of that, Lunaris is represented by a spearman and not the Knight unit because, while he IS a Knight in RO, this is about the weapons we use. Lunaris is a spear fanboy, you see.

In the third panel you'll see that the bottom half of the screen is the maceman's stats screen while the swordsman's stats screen is showing up top. This is intentional! Think of it as a wipe cut! ... Hey! Stop laughing! It's a WIPE AND CUT, I SAY! I WIPE YOU WITH WINDEX AND THEN CUT YOUR HAIR WITH FURY! It's a challenge for some Acolytes, but not when you wield THE WINDEXSCISSOR MACE!

Oh, and say hi to Novvy again. Lunaris and Gut Funk bribed me with explosives to see Novvy make another comeback.

Comic #216

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