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Sniff had his birthday earlier this week, but he was both out of town and I was bogged down with the usual hydraulic press that is college to do anything at that point. So, I opted to celebrate his birthday on the weekend!

It's been good timing, too. He's finally back from his trip down to Florida. Doing all the cool birthday stuff with cousins just back from tours of duty in Afghanistan.

And what does he do when he gets back?

He grows fat with Victor! ( 'v' )

Er wait, I mean, he grows IN SIZE.

Why would he grow fat with some bird named Victor? Because Victoreet is the Ragnarok Wisdom IRC channel mascot and he likes to fluff up to make himself look fat. He's also present on Anarchy Online. Somewhere. Actually, he showed up first in Anarchy Online, and then became the mascot of the IRC channel from there.

Speaking of IRC ... It's true, Paul! Your antics in the channel from a long, long time ago did influence this "kaiju" matchup!

Due to that, I have to give a shout out to the big P. S. of S and his incredibly long name that would break the tables binding this website together were I to utter it. There are some words this site was not meant to hold! Maybe I could get away with calling him something like "Post Script San" or something ... ... naaaaah. That makes him sound like some kind of cutsey Japanese educational cartoon about the post office.

(Wait, do the Japanese use post-script in letters?)

For everyone else—celebrate Sniff's twenty-first birthflex! Give him shiny swords and awesome stuff! He already has plenty of chicken. Don't give him that.

While we're at it—anyone making perverted jokes about Sniff's choke hold on King Peco will be left to the tender(izing) ministrations of Talien!


Comic #217

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