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What do bread and this comic's rambling have in common?

They're both full of empty space.

take off your ears


do it now, or you won't be able to meet tom cruise

Empty space.

i will hunt you down and everyone loves a little kfc

You are totally not seeing any subliminal messages.

a noble car for twice the size of the chimpunk

Nope, none.

these aren't the subliminal messages you're looking for
you're really looking for this one
Told you this was full of empty space, now didn't I?


Did all of you have a happy Thanksgiving? And if not, did you at least enjoy your downtime from work or school or college?

I did. College has been barbecuing me, very very much so.

Kind of like the space shuttle's engines.

Did you know that they get as hot as 6,000 degrees Farenheit (Roughly 3,000ish for you Celsius people)?

Keep that in mind as you read.

Trust me, just ... keep it in mind.

For now, I will continue to refuel this column with the sage words of Talien!

Talien: Coming this fall.....

Talien: Sniff the Raven is.....


Talien: I see you've been paralyzed by ph33r

He did indeed say that to me in a IM conversation! Which leads me to wonder what a flexing batlte between the Flexcutionaer and the Maginator would be like.

Speaking of Talien, I finally found a spot to bring El Blargo back in!

We haven't seen him in almost a year. HAIIIII, BLARGZOR!!1
Whew! Finally, column writer's block is over. BYE!

Comic #218

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